MLB Home Run Derby 14 (C#)

Home Run Derby 2014 was my first production game. I was given ownership over a number of features, primarily the UI and User Progression / Login.

The game featured a fully featured content management system for delivering post launch stadiums, batters, and gear without patches, as well as 8 person asynchronous derby multiplayer matches. The game had over 6 million downloads.

Tools: JIRA, Visual Studio 2012, Perforce

Platforms: Android, iOS

  • UI Engineer, developing both online and offline screens
  • Developed Content Management System to allow product owners to build asset bundles and deliver content post launch
  • Developed user progression system and tool for designers ( C# / .NET)
  • Developed 3-way login system (Google Plus, Facebook, MLB Account)
  • Implemented Server push notification and user tracking system
  • Developed User Management dashboard for product owners to reconcile user data and recover lost progress as well as manage restricting cheaters from playing multiplayer. (JavaScript/HTML/Java (Server))