NBA Live 18 (C++/ActionScript UI)

NBA Live 18 was a 2 year project centered on rebuilding the IP and setting the project up for success in the future. Major effort was spent developing extendable, future proof code and features built on data-driven design and ensuring all content could be easily tuned, patched, and built upon post launch.

HB Studios acted as a contractor for EA Sports Tiburon (Orlando, Florida).

I was the primary technical point of content between EA and HB across numerous features throughout development.

Tools: JIRA, Visual Studio 2015, Perforce

Platforms: PS 4, Xbox One

  • Feature owner and Lead Engineer of Conversations and News; a data driven interactive experience within the game that has players making contextual choices throughout their gameplay experience.
  • Lead Engineer for all features pertaining to user progression including the all new Traits system; a data-driven gameplay feature where users can build and develop equipable modifications to their skills and abilities which extend from bonuses to existing abilities to all new abilities and mechanics in gameplay.
  • Lead Front End Engineer on E3 2017 “EA Play” demo
  • Lead Engineer on “The Rise” Game Mode; a data-driven game mode built around designer buildable objectives and gameplay scenarios that introduces the player to the concepts of the game and sets up the narrative for their “The One” career.
  • TRC/XR Compliance expertise.
  • Managed a team of 4 Engineers on the Conversation and News team.
    • Wrote Technical Design Documentation for both features
    • Ran daily standup meetings and kept track of progress and dependencies
    • Utilized JIRA for time tracking and management
    • Provided Junior Engineers with task breakdown
    • Performed risk assessment and dependency analysis pre-sprint and worked with the team to work around said dependencies.

Project Info: